With the holidays approaching, and of course 2017, many people will either be stuffing their faces with their families, coming up with New Year’s resolutions, or more likely, both. Usually you eat so much that you can’t help but pledge to do better as soon as all of the holiday parties are over. I work out pretty frequently, 4-5 day per week, so going home for the holidays or really traveling anywhere for me means finding a place to work out. And although traveling can be exhausting, we need to remember that it isn’t always enough of a workout. Personally my body misses the resistance training of lifting weights that it has come to love when I’m traveling. And even when it’s not the holiday season, we are usually forced to eat worse differently when on the road, making exercise even more important.

If you find yourself in a bit of a holiday or travel workout slump, with a need to pump some iron, here are a few quick fixes.

Globo Gym

Find the local “Globo Gym.” These massive gyms often give free visits to newbies. Even though I prefer going to a Crossfit box, free is hard to beat. While in South Africa, Virgin Active gyms were scattered throughout the country and we were able to work out completely free for a day, which was perfect for what we needed. 24 Hour Fitness and Gold’s are two other huge chains that usually offer free visits to test out the facilities.


Crossfit is my drug of choice, so I always try to go whenever visiting a new city. I get to check out their facilities, but also pick up tips and tricks I can use when coaching. Usually in exchange for buying a t-shirt I can work out. The shirts actually make great souvenirs or you can start a collection like many people I know. The best part though, is seeing people from a completely different part of the world practicing the same thing I do everyday. I see the subtle differences and even different terms they use for the same activities.

Crossfit Cape Town

About a month into my South African adventure, I inexplicably became very bitchy. That’s when I realized I hadn’t been getting enough exercise. So we visited Cape Crossfit and had an exhausting workout, surrounded by very friendly people.

Crossfit Cape Town Box


When I know I’m going to be in one place for longer than a week, I like to find Groupons for workout classes. I’ve tried yoga, complete gym memberships and crossfit. They are always very reasonably priced and conveniently located. I’ve enjoyed these Groupons so much in the past that I even bought a few extra as Christmas gifts.

Hotel Gym

My least favorite quick fix is a hotel gym. These gyms usually come standard with cardio machinery but crappy weights and little to no room to move. Sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on the hotel a bit, if you can find one with an upgraded gym.

Bring Your Own

My boyfriend and I rarely travel without a speed rope. Jumping rope is a great workout that requires very little space-space to do the exercise and space in your suitcase. If we can find a decent park we throw a whole workout together, using our bodies as the machines. Got an empty bench or bleachers? Box jumps. Monkey bars? Pull-ups or toes to bar. Flat space? Sit-ups. It can actually be very easy to get resourceful.

My boyfriend working out in Botswana. There was no gym for miles, so we used what we had.

My boyfriend working out in Botswana. There was no gym for miles, so we used what we had.

 Local Colleges or Universities

Last but not least, check out the local college. If you happen to be in a city with a university you may be able to utilize their facilities. This is especially possible if the students are away for vacation and the college has become a ghost town. It doesn’t always work, but you also get to see a college campus in the process.

Did I miss anything? Comment below with your tips for lifting and working out on the road.