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Because travel has become a part of my lifestyle, it’s become very important to me to carry a few essential items. So not only do I have favorite destinations and experiences, I also have a set of favorite gear that is a must every time I travel. If you travel as much as I do or hope to do so one day, these items may be as practical and essential for you as they have been for me. You can shop for all these items conveniently right here by clicking on the Amazon links below.

Sony A6000

This is my new favorite toy. Looking back at my travels over the years, I’ve noticed how dated my photos look. The quality that I though was there was sorely lacking. I invested in the Sony A6000 for this reason and because of its outstanding reviews. I am learning to navigate its functions, but what’s great about the Sony A6000 is that even its automatic settings take an excellent photo. There is also a wealth of informative videos out there on how to get the most out of this camera.

Travel Bag

I’m not a backpacker, but I do pack light. With budget airlines, or really most airlines these days, every pound or ounce you pack could cost you. So I prefer to use luggage that weighs near nothing itself. I always pack an extra bag when traveling as well in case I find good shopping. Decorating your home with trinkets from around the world allows you to relive your vacations. So whether it’s a bedspread from Cambodia or coasters from Bali, I have always room for souvenirs.

MacBook Air

Switching from the MacBook Pro to the MacBook Air has been fantastic for travel. It makes such a huge difference in the weight of my backpack, but still allows me to have full functionality. I can do everything from edit my photos to watch Netflix.

Kindle Paper White

When traveling alone a book can be your best friend. And when traveling for longer periods of time you want many at your fingertips without having to carry around the extra weight. The Kindle allows you to have just about any book within seconds, for less than the price of a paperback. And the paper white screen allows you to be able to read despite the glare of the sun, which is perfect for the beach, or without light making it perfect for bed.

Harem Pants

When traveling I always like to be comfortable. Harem pants are just what the doctor ordered. In addition to being great for flights and long train or bus rides, they come in handy when you least expect it. Visiting temples or churches often calls for modesty and these pants can easily be carried along and thrown on when needed. They are also great when hopping between two altitudes, such as going from the beach to the cooler mountains.