If you’ve seen some of my earlier posts on food then you know that my boyfriend and I own a catering truck with my brother. Since embarking on this endeavor I’ve started to pay close attention to food trucks. So I was beyond excited to learn that Singapore has it’s first food truck row so to speak and I had to run right out to try it. It’s called Timbre+ and its tag line is “Where music feeds the soul, and food feeds the body.”

The space is very welcoming with a combination of food trucks and container food stalls. In the middle of the venue is a large stage where live music can be found almost every night. Timbre+ is open air but is also completely covered overhead, which is so important in the constant and often unpredictable rain shower that is Singapore. The evening I went it was raining and from the outside it looked as though it was closed. I was happy to learn that there were plenty of open trucks and stalls still open.
Timbre+ Food Truck

Now for the important part, the food. I have to say I was disappointed. As a vegetarian not every restaurant is exciting for me, and this was no exception. There was an India vendor with vegetarian options, but the food was so bad I literally had to return it. I settled for a salad elsewhere that was good, but not worth a trip to the other side of the island. I did have some amazing sweet potato fries with truffle mayo aioli though, and a very large selection of beers and cider to choose from. My boyfriend and the friends that joined us are meat eaters and seemed to really enjoy what they had.
Timbre+ Food Stalls

Timbre+ Food
So what’s the verdict? It was a unique experience to try, particularly here in Singapore where food trucks are not the norm. Is there better food elsewhere in Singapore? Absolutely. But none with this particular vibe. I suggest you give it a try and see if you can find that one dish that feeds your soul and your body.

Timbre+ Music