The struggle of trying to tame my hair is real. This has been a challenge for my entire life and I have blogged about it recently. It’s not a new thing, but it’s gotten even worse with the high humidity of South East Asia. To be quite honest, I had given up. But then I came across the Max Hydration Method on Pinterest and the rest is history. I tried it for the first time four weeks ago and I’ve been dumbfounded by the changes I’ve seen in my hair since. Overnight, my thick hair with very little curl pattern has been transformed. While once I laughed at the idea of a wash and go working on my hair, it has become my go to style.

What is it?

The system is designed to improve the moisture levels of your hair, while also eliminating products from your regimen that can strip your hair, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. It starts with a special cherry lola treatment (when done for the first time) and has 5 steps afterwards, apple cider vinegar wash, overnight deep conditioning treatment, clay mask, leave-in conditioner, and last but not least gel.

Max Hydration

A few of the beauty supplies you will need. Apple cider vinegar, deep conditioner, clay mask, leave-in conditioner (gel not pictured).


My results after trying it just once.

My results after trying it just once.


  • Curls on curls. I had a head full of curls after just one try. And with each cycle of the method I can see the curl pattern develop even more.
  • The products can all be found in grocery stores or health food stores making it easy to do even from Singapore or elsewhere in the world.
  • My hair is becoming more manageable with each cycle and I’m seeing MUCH less shedding.
  • Withstands extreme humidity and high intensity workouts.
  • It looks good. I’ve gotten tons of compliments since using the method.
  • It’s natural. I’m sure a lot of people have tried to get the same results via chemical options such as texturizers, but this is completely natural.
  • It’s also a lot less work and way more effective than some of the other options I’ve tried to achieve the same result, such as the curly girl method or a twist or braid-out.



My results after trying it twice. Curls are becoming more defined, especially in troubled spots.


  • The process is quite time consuming. I’ve pretty much dedicated one night and the following morning (per week) to letting the products sit in my hair for the recommended time.
  • It’s messy. The apple cider vinegar isn’t the best smell in the world and it drips all over when applying. There is a baking soda option for this step, but because I love the results of the ACV I haven’t tried it. The clay mask is also very messy. I have to basically sit in one spot during this step so the clean up is restricted to a smaller area.
  • Shrinkage is real. My hair seems a lot shorter with my hair being this curly. But it does lengthen a bit as the week goes on and gets bigger and better.

Despite the cons, I really am amazed at the results. The compliments have been great, but I’m just thrilled that after all of these years I’m not only content but also delighted with my hair in it’s natural form, with really low manipulation or styling.


The results on my 3rd time. My hair is yet to dry, but you can see the curl pattern.


I will be putting it to the test in a couple of weeks as I visit the Maldives and will be diving and swimming a lot, but I think it’s safe to say I’m a believer. Has any one else out there tried it? Comment below.