Seeing Spanish? Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. One of my lifelong goals is to master Spanish, and I truly think it will be lifelong because there is always more to learn. I recently applied to Arizona State University to complete my degree in Spanish. I have some credits here and some credits there, but not enough in one place to count towards a degree. So I’ve finally found an online program where I can go at my own pace and finish my degree (well it will be my fourth degree, but you get the idea). As a part of a recent assignment I decided to write about my favorite travel websites for saving money and it dawned on me that I may not have mentioned some of them or given updates. So here you go, in English and in Spanish.   

Secret Flying is my new obsession. I check it constantly to see what deals are out there and it is always something good. If you are flexible with dates or location you can really get some great deals. My husband and I went to London this summer for about $300 total, non-stop, from Singapore. And when we got there we stayed at a couple of places, for free. We did a house sit in Dublin a few blocks away from the beach then we did a two-week house sit in the countryside of Northern England in a very picturesque town with four lovely show dogs. It was honestly one of the highlights of our summer. And did I mention we stayed there for free? If you haven’t already seen my post on Trusted House Sitters check it out. There is also a discount code here if you’re interested.

We flew to London for next to nothing. Once we were in the UK we were able to hop all over. Isn’t Scotland beautiful?

The other travel site I’m loving at the moment is www.deltaairbnb.com. What’s better than getting a great deal on a fabulous Air Bnb? Getting miles for it. I’ve racked up quite a few miles this year just because I paid through this site. And this summer I’m planning to rack up even more with our summer vacation to Costa Rica. You get one frequent flyer mile for every dollar spent. Not bad, right? 

As always, I love hearing about new travel hacking sites. If you have one you’re in love with, please comment below.


Es difícil de creer, pero hoy en día viajar es más barato que nunca. Pero hay muchas personas que no saben cómo encontrar las gangas. Estos son mis sitios favoritos para encontrar un buen precio.


Secret Flying es el mejor. Puede buscar de su ciudad a todo el mundo. Por ejemplo, ahora hay una oferta de Phoenix a Beijing desde $439, ida y vuelta. También puedes ir a Islandia de Phoenix por solamente $244 ida y vuelta. Los precios, destinos y aerolíneas cambian todo el tiempo, pero hay una variedad todo el tiempo. Mi esposo y yo fuimos a Londres desde Singapur por $285 en total, directo.



Air Bnb no es un secreto. Pero para muchas personas, Delta Air Bnb sí lo es. Si vas a quedarte en un Airbnb, solo tienes que pagar en https://www.deltaairbnb.com/ y ganas puntos. Mi esposo y yo vamos a alquilar una casa en Costa Rica este verano y vamos a ganar 5,000 puntos solamente porque vamos a pagar usando este sitio. También voy a ganar puntos doble porque voy a pagar con mi tarjeta de crédito favorita.  



Trusted Housesitters es como Air Bnb, pero gratis. Solo tiene que cuidar a un gato, o dos perros. Bueno, depende de la situación. Este verano mi esposo y yo nos quedamos en una finca lindísima con cuatro perros y dos gallinas por dos semanas…gratis. El pueblito en esta parte de Inglaterra fue tan bello con muchos senderos y un lago pintoresco. Disfrutamos mucho. También nos hemos quedado en Irlanda, Los Ángeles, y Playa Hermosa en California completamente gratis. Si quieres un descuento de Trusted Housesitter haz clic aquí.

Tienes su propios sitios favoritos? Comentas debajo.