This evening my aunt, cousin and I ventured out to the night market in Gili Trawangan with tons of street food.  Street food is far from my favorite, but only because as a vegetarian I don’t want to have to do guess work to find out what’s in my food.  But this was a rare exception. They had so many vegetarian options, including tempeh, which is high in protein.

After doing a lap around the grounds, I settled on a vegetarian plate with 4 different sides and white rice. I picked a cauliflower and cabbage blend with sautéed onions, sautéed spinach with slivers of garlic and chili peppers, BBQ tempeh strips with an island flair I couldn’t quite put my finger on and a unique coconut salad with green beans, coconut and ginger. This was so far from the flavors I’m used to. It was delicious and incredibly cheap! I paid the US equivalent of $3.70, including a Bintang beer. I don’t drink beer often, but I couldn’t resist, as this beer seemed to be half lemon. It had none of the bitterness of regular beer, making it very easy to get down. I only wish I had more of an appetite so I could try more.



Although I found plenty to eat, this event was really meant for seafood lovers. Every stall was packed with today’s catch; muscles, shrimp, blue crabs, red snapper, rainbow trout, prawns, salmon, etc. The smoke from the grills permeated the air and the lines were wrapped around the stalls. They also had some rare items such as an entire grilled baby chicken and fried critters.

I’m definitely glad we stopped in for a bite. It was a great meal and a great experience to see the small town come to life with its enthusiasm for eating well. If you happen to visit Gili Trawangan, I would highly recommend you do the same.

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