Why Brunei is the New Black

Interested in visiting Brunei? Find out exactly why Brunei is the new black and should be your very next trip.

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Tenikwa, Walking With the Big Cats

When it comes to the age old debate, cats vs dogs, I’ve always argued that cats are superior. So imagine my excitement when my boyfriend and I decided to spend the day at the Tenikwa Animal Rehab Center, which specializes in big cats. Lions, leopards, cheetahs, maracals, wild cats, they had them all.

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Bakwena Lodge, Luxury Eco-Travel in Botswana

Bakwena Lodge, located in Botswana, is nestled into the Chobe riverfront. I hadn’t heard of it days ago, but when scrambling to put together some last minute plans, we lucked out on a package.

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5 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Maldives

If you are coming from within Asia, flights to Maldives are pretty reasonable. But you will likely need another flight and perhaps even a boat once you arrive. Unless you plan on staying near the main island of Male, you will need to book a separate seaplane, which will cost at least a few hundred US dollars round-trip. For me, this was just about the amount I paid for my international flight, nearly doubling my total flight costs.

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How To Get A Job Teaching Abroad

As I mentioned in previous posts, teaching abroad can be an excellent way to travel and see the world. But how do you get a job teaching overseas? Simple. First you have to ask yourself, “What type of teaching do I want to do?”

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Hi there! I’m Maya, a Los Angeles native turned expat. I’ve been living and working in Asia for the past 6 years and traveling every spare moment I get.

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Why Brunei is the New Black

One thing I really like to do, which may sound ridiculous, is to look at maps. Even when I was in elementary school and was tasked with learning all of the US capitals, I still enjoyed it. I knew one day I’d make it to Baton Rouge or Tallahassee and I sort of... read more

Timbre+, Is It Worth a Try?

If you’ve seen some of my earlier posts on food then you know that my boyfriend and I own a catering truck with my brother. Since embarking on this endeavor I’ve started to pay close attention to food trucks. So I was beyond excited to learn that Singapore has it’s... read more

Elefant Tours to the Rescue

Sometimes we blindly get lucky. There is no other way to say it. Something falls into our lap and you can’t explain how you got such a good deal, or came across something so good. This is exactly how I feel about Elefant Tours. And before I even go into detail and... read more

Black Female Solo Travel to India

I recently visited India for a week, following the very popular Golden Triangle Route. I started in Delhi and ended in Delhi, seeing Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur among other places along the way. It was all very beautiful, but it had an effect on me different from any of... read more

4 hours to Shop in Cape Town

As an American expat it’s difficult for me to shop in certain places, simply because I know how cheap quality items can be in the US when you catch a good sale. I’m talking after Christmas sales, premium outlets, and of course DSW and Target markdowns. Why... read more

Black in South Africa

After six straight months of being in Singapore, I was excited by the idea of being surrounded by people who looked like me. I have always wanted to visit Africa, the motherland of every person on Earth really, but especially excited to see where my roots come from.... read more