Trekking Bukit Lawang

A few weeks ago I headed to Bukit Lawang, Indonesia for a 4-day weekend. I heard great things about the area, particularly my chances of seeing an orangutan, so it seemed like the perfect way to escape Singapore for the Chinese New Year weekend. I was right! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to detox and unwind. If you’re interested in a similar trek, read on for details and suggestions.

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Canyoneering Kawasan Falls


When my brother and cousin booked to join me on my recent trip to the Philippines, I had a hard time figuring out where to take them. Boracay was an obvious choice because it was a guaranteed party. But I had done it, many times. I had been to Cebu as well, but I hadn’t really been beyond the Mactan Island area, other than to island hop.

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Tenikwa, Walking With the Big Cats

When it comes to the age old debate, cats vs dogs, I’ve always argued that cats are superior. So imagine my excitement when my boyfriend and I decided to spend the day at the Tenikwa Animal Rehab Center, which specializes in big cats. Lions, leopards, cheetahs, maracals, wild cats, they had them all.

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Bakwena Lodge, Luxury Eco-Travel in Botswana

Bakwena Lodge, located in Botswana, is nestled into the Chobe riverfront. I hadn’t heard of it days ago, but when scrambling to put together some last minute plans, we lucked out on a package.

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Hi there! I’m Maya, a Los Angeles native turned expat. I’ve been living and working in Asia for the past 7 years and traveling every spare moment I get.

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Money Saving Mode 

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes recovering from wedding expenses and saving money. For a long time now I’ve been traveling like crazy and spending like crazy. Okay, so I paid off a ton of debt this year and haven’t let it reaccumulate,... read more

From Applying to Teaching Abroad: My Timeline

  A few people have asked how long it took me to get my job teaching abroad and then from there how long it was before I actually moved. So I’d like to share my timeline, which I think in a lot of ways is similar to many others who went the same route.  ... read more

Culinary Adventure in Old San Juan

  Puerto Ricans are a proud bunch. We are proud of J.Lo., Roberto Clemente, our flag, Puerto Rican music and dance, and of course, the food. And as a Puerto Rican vegetarian, I always felt like I was missing something. So when my brother, Ravi, and I recently... read more

Guest Post: Moving Abroad With Kids

  Many people hear my story and think it’s great but somehow not feasible for themselves. The thing I hear over and over again is “But how can I move abroad with kids?” So I’d like for you to hear it from someone who’s done it. John David Lewis is a high school... read more